It’s a SMART Goal Now

According to my past posts, I have set a Big Audacious Goal twice already for this year. The first one was to edit and query Apocalypse; the other was the one I came up with yesterday to double my social media presence. I’ve gone with the latter, because it confronts all my lingering reluctance to promote myself:

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  • My writing isn’t good enough
  • Nobody wants to hear from me
  • I don’t need a media presence
  • Nobody loves me! (Does this sound familiar?)

I’m working on 1) creating the SMART goal and 2) having fun with it.

First, the SMART goal. I will:

  • Post using Loomly twice a week
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter (I already post my blogs there)
  • Only post book news once a week
  • Use as many Loomly suggestions as possible to improve my social media posts

As for having fun, that’s just a natural part of who I am. Funny pictures, word play, bad puns — all come easily to me.

There’s a cynical part of me that says that this will not make any difference in engagement, but I have to take something on faith. Wish me luck.


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