Thinking about the New Year

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Christmas is over, and I am back from my holiday trip. New Year’s Eve is coming, and thoughts of the New Year flit through my vaguely ADHD mind.

As I’ve shared on this blog before, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, finding them a setup for failure. In short, a resolution looks like a goal, but it’s lacking the plan. And without the plan, the resolution fails. Plans fail as well, but built into the best of plans is a feedback loop where the planner diagnoses where and how they’ve failed and reworks the plan to take that into account.

I like the ritual part of resolutions and the clean slate of the new year, however. So I have my ritual. I think of all the things I want to accomplish for the year, and I do a little of each on New Year’s Day as a commitment to those things in my life.

These are the things I will be doing a little bit of on New Year’s Day:

  • Writing
  • Work
  • Leisure
  • Housework
  • Quality time with my husband
  • Petting cats
  • Promoting my writing
  • Indulging my warped sense of humor
  • Showing compassion
  • Socializing (at least on Facebook)

Although I won’t make any resolutions, I have goals I will pursue in 2023. The goals I have for my writing career are:

  • Revisit Apocalypse and send out queries
  • Finish Kringle on Fire and Avatar of the Maker
  • Develop an advertising plan for my existent books
  • Develop promo for Gaia’s Hands
  • Find a Big Audacious Goal

2022 was a low-key year for me. I’m willing to ramp up a bit for 2023.


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