Editing Gaia’s Hands Again

I actually started working on editing Gaia’s Hands yesterday while sitting at Mokaska Coffeehouse in St. Joseph. Their new digs are amazing, by the way — spacious and warm. Their coffee is always full of intriguing hints — spice and chocolate, or bold berry, or citrus.

How did it feel editing Gaia’s Hands after a long break? I see things that need to be smoothed out, things that need to be added. I have a better feel for the characters than I’ve had before, and that’s saying a lot, as these are two characters I’ve lived with for years. 

I remind myself that I literally have known these characters for years, as Gaia’s Hands was the first novel I wrote. Jeanne Beaumont, the scientist trying to ignore the web of mysticism she’s being drawn into, and Josh Young, the mystic grounding himself in writing. They represent the yin and yang symbol, constantly shifting roles. 

The sad thing is that I will have to take a break from them again, first because Whose Hearts are Mountains will soon return from dev edit, and second, because November will soon arrive and I will work on a new novel for NaNaWriMo

I hope, soon, to get Gaia’s Hands in shape for some sort of publication.

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