I need to wake up

Ok, it’s not an exciting thing to write about, but I’m seriously about to fall asleep on the keyboard  and wake up hours later with little squares imprinted on my face.

It’s Monday. Truthfully, I’m not superstitious about Monday — yes, it’s the first day of the work week, but I find things are just as likely to go bad on, say, Thursdays. Definitely Thursdays. This is just your typical “I only got eight hours of sleep last night and I’m still tired” sort of tired.

I’m drinking a cup of coffee, a grand cup of coffee from beans Richard roasted. It tastes of butterscotch and berries. Still, I’m having trouble waking up.

Girlie-Girl is laying on my mouse, purring. It makes it hard to get any work done, as you may imagine. But it makes Girlie happy.

This is how I get through Mondays — by thinking of all the possible good things that could happen. 

As soon as I wake up.

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