Sunday Afternoon

This morning started with a discovery

Apparently, according to some reading about ADHD I stumbled across, people with ADHD have trouble with non-verbal working memory (referred to in one article as visuospatial working memory). I probably have ADHD given my family history. In addition, I struggle with visual and spatial stuff. I can’t remember what someone looks like very well. Maybe after 50 times. This includes my husband — I didn’t know for a couple of years if I could recognize him in a crowd. I let him walk toward me before I approached him.

Apparently, people with non-verbal memory problems have trouble visualizing, including visualizing what a successful result looks like. Does this relate to my writing crisis, where I’m not sure if I’m doing “well enough”?

Planting thyme

Photo by Nadi Lindsay on

I segued from analyzing my mind to planting herbs. We have a hill of rip-rap, upon which the past residents laid a bare layer of dirt on top of. I planted herbs there; the mint loved the bottom of the hill but the top killed off whatever was planted there. So my husband and I laid soil at the top and planted herbs. I love to cook, and I like fresh herbs.

I’m a little tired now, but closer to the completion of the planting season. Looking forward to lovage in my soup and mint in my namya (Thai noodle dish).

Music in the evening

Listening to a new singer-songwriter playlist as I type this. It’s a good day. All I have to do is sort out the writing thing and try to figure out how to visualize success to motivate myself. Any ideas?

Too Many Things To Do At Once

Scattered in a million directions

I’ve got work. And I’ve got a book to write. And I have this blog. And I have to promote the novel coming out in October. And I’ve got to plan a book launch party online.And I need to get my materials together for Missouri Hope (where I do casualty simulation). And … I really want to take a nap.

I need to get organized

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I think I have ADHD. I have never asked for a diagnosis because what’s the use of getting diagnosed in one’s 50’s? Organization would really help, but I’m used to remembering what I need to do and doing it fast. I seem to have a skill set that does good and fast at the same time. Maybe not great and fast, but at least good and fast.

I need to organize, though. I’m told it’s the right thing to do, except that I get overloaded in the organizing part and want to go color-coded with my tasks, or I forget to look at the checklist. I guess I don’t really understand how people do it.

One thing at a time

That’s how I do the best. When I have a moment of free time, I will do one of the things above. The blog in the mornings. Maybe some advertising at lunch. Maybe some writing this afternoon …

It will all get done. And if it doesn’t, I guess I’ll live.