What is There Left to Say?

Sometimes I look at this blank screen and ask myself, “What have I not said yet?”

Everything, I realize. Everything in the world. There is so much I haven’t written about.

Just the things off the top of my head I haven’t talked about:

Close-up Of A Scared Woman Peeking Through Fingers
  • I have a phobia about rabies, which is known as hydrophobiaphobia. No kidding.
  • I have always wanted to become a carpenter or something else useful. A college professor might not be too handy if the zombies take over.
  • I have cavorted with lion cubs. It was amazing.
  • I got hit by a car. I’m okay now, but I have a metal bar in my left leg from knee to ankle. At airports, I get treated like a potential terrorist.
  • I have written several novels, but I don’t know what to do with them.
  • I wish I could run. It would be handy (e.g. zombies).
  • I can fall asleep sitting up (and just did).
  • I write although I can’t visualize.

These are small topics, but they lead to bigger ones. And there are other topics lurking as well. I’ll have to remember this when I feel I am without words.

What do you have to write about? I imagine a lot.


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