A Bit of the Blues

I have a bit of the blues right now. Everything seems so stagnant right now — the weather is grey, there’s at least another month of Winter, there are no surprises (hopefully only the good ones, knock on wood) in my life, and nothing I am doing is very fruitful.

Photo by Mudassir Ali on Pexels.com

Perhaps it’s just the season. Spring hasn’t arrived, and the juncos outnumber the robins in the yard. The snow melts into squelchy mud and nothing is green.

Perhaps it’s just karma right now. I have spent so much of my life fulfilling Big Audacious Goals (although never at the “becoming famous” level because that’s not where I want to be) that maybe I should see my goals fail.

Maybe it’s just chance, or being an old dog in a new world, or a lack of sunlight bringing me down.

But I’m down, and I want something exciting to happen, because that always gets me out of the blues.


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