Day 3 of COVID

I guess I’m not all better. I thought heck, day 3 of COVID and I’ll be back to normal. My nose is even less stuffy than it’s been. It’s just a severe cold.

Photo by CDC on

Then I got up to write this blog. Suddenly I’m shaky, tired, and altogether unfit for prime time1.out of it. I needed to get out of bed, though, because my time in bed had starved me of light and life.

So I sit next to a sunny window that’s so perky it’s making me a little grouchy. “It’s bright! It’s sunny!” Look, it’s 29 degrees out and I’m sick. Can you deliver me a hot toddy to help me get through this?

I’m too tired to be bored and too bored to be tired.

Time to write. Or fall asleep. Or something.

  1. Back before there were streaming services, there was this thing called television. Television shows had their own time slots, and you could only watch them during those times. The slots in the evening, from 7 to 9 PM, were known as prime time slots. Obviously, television companies showed their best shows then to get the best audience numbers and make their advertisers (where the money came from) happier. If a show was outside of prime time, they did not expect it to perform well in the prime slots. Therefore, unfit for prime time means “not at my best” with a hint of “not presentable.”

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