Aaaaaaand I got COVID

It’s strange, but I made it through the pandemic without getting COVID. I managed to not get it despite standing in classrooms with thirty-plus students at a time. I credit this to COVID boosters, diligent masking and good decision-making about avoiding crowds during the worst of it. And not having children. Until today, however, I credited it to my uniquely amazing immune system, and yes, I do in fact have an amazing immune system.

This week my husband came home with some congestion, and we prepped him for a cold with all the usual cold medicines including guifenesin, nose decongestant, and hot chicken broth. I was surprised, then, when he got diagnosed with COVID, as his cold wasn’t that bad. I myself had cold symptoms, but I tested myself thoroughly and daily for COVID, and got negative results. I prided myself on my amazing immune system and fixed our morning oatmeal.

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Yesterday, I masked at work and got a raspy throat and a runny nose. A colleague of mine said “You’re sounding worse. You should get yourself checked for COVID.” I reassured her that I had an (stop me if you’ve heard this before) amazing immune system. She said, “I know, but check yourself anyhow.”

I checked myself this morning, using the state of the art COVID tests we’ve been hoarding (“Fold the card flat on the table. Keep the card flat or else a false negative will result. Hold the dropper straight up and down. Do not hold it at an angle. Drop exactly 6 drops into the well. Dropping more than six drops may result in a false negative.”) I had tested myself for the last couple days and found no double line indicating that I had COVID, Today, however, I saw a bright pink line — in the sample area, to mirror the line in the control area.

So much for my amazing immune system.

I immediately got on email to alert my bosses that I have COVID and therefore will be staying home for the next five days. And then I slept. I didn’t know I was that tired. Then I woke up and checked my email, and then slept again.

I’m doing all right. Suffering a loss of pride about that amazing immune system, but doing all right. I do have symptoms, but they feel a lot like a sinus infection. I hope it doesn’t get worse than this.

Wish me luck.


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