Dear Santa (from a writer)

Dear Santa,

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I’m too old to believe in you, yet I persist because of Pascal’s wager (“But what if Santa really exists? I have nothing to lose”.)

I’ve been good — within reason. I admit overindulging in coffee and sweets, often at the same time, and sometimes I get cranky. But my cats think I’m a good person, and I think my husband does. I hope that counts for something.

I have a list. It will make sense to you if I first explain: I am a writer, and to say I’m unknown is perhaps an understatement of exponential proportions. My Christmas list will reflect this. So there will be no choo-choo trains or dollies on this list.

Enough. Here is my Christmas list:

  • The secret to getting followers on social media (for someone who wants to do it themselves)
  • A readership for my novels, particularly Gaia’s Hands (which is nearer to my heart than the Kringle books, to be honest.)
  • Inspiration to write on the three partially-written books I have on this computer
  • The courage to publish another book (the one that Gaia’s Hands is the prequel for)
  • Lots of good coffee

It might be a lot to ask, but I figure I have to be honest about my situation to someone.

Love, Lauren


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