Technology Hates Me

I have so many things I need to do today β€” put up a TikTok video, insert some front and back matter into the latest book, and tweak the cover for the same novel (which will be a Christmas novel, It Takes Two to Kringle, out October 1).

But technology hates me today:

  • Atticus (a book formatting app) keeps stalling out.
  • Atticus also is missing its back matter section so I can’t put in an afterword, acknowledgements, or disclaimers in my novel.
  • Photoshop (where I design my covers) won’t let me copy and paste a picture.
  • Crazy Video Maker will not let me stretch out the time pictures stay on screen for as long as I need them to.
  • ProWritingAid thinks I am making run-on sentences. (I am not).

At least WordPress is not throwing hitches in my writing.

And, to be honest, Photoshop functioned well when I figured out I used the wrong command.

But the level of frustration! I had hoped to have my book ready on Amazon (just in case) this weekend, and that will not happen. I hate being derailed.

Oh, well, need to find something to keep me occupied.

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