Too Many Things To Do At Once

Scattered in a million directions

I’ve got work. And I’ve got a book to write. And I have this blog. And I have to promote the novel coming out in October. And I’ve got to plan a book launch party online.And I need to get my materials together for Missouri Hope (where I do casualty simulation). And … I really want to take a nap.

I need to get organized

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I think I have ADHD. I have never asked for a diagnosis because what’s the use of getting diagnosed in one’s 50’s? Organization would really help, but I’m used to remembering what I need to do and doing it fast. I seem to have a skill set that does good and fast at the same time. Maybe not great and fast, but at least good and fast.

I need to organize, though. I’m told it’s the right thing to do, except that I get overloaded in the organizing part and want to go color-coded with my tasks, or I forget to look at the checklist. I guess I don’t really understand how people do it.

One thing at a time

That’s how I do the best. When I have a moment of free time, I will do one of the things above. The blog in the mornings. Maybe some advertising at lunch. Maybe some writing this afternoon …

It will all get done. And if it doesn’t, I guess I’ll live.

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