First Week of Classes

Another Year Begun

The beginning of the school year is special, even at the college level, a shiny new time. We don’t have beginning of school pictures, but we have our first days where students find their new classrooms (sometimes unsuccessfully) and check their websites for class material and yes, even party.

Photo by cottonbro on

The motif among the students seems to be 80’s reunion. I’m seeing a lot of colorful hair — a lot. I see some funky updos among the women. I see some skateboards. I’m waiting for the underwear outside the long-sleeved clothes.

There’s a lot of politeness in the hallways and in the classes. If the students are stressed (which they are) they’re responding with kindness.

My classes

This year seems to be a good one for my classes. I’ve had a good amount of class participation — sharp, insightful class participation. This gives me hope for the semester.

I need to do my share by structuring class so that there’s a lot of interaction and connection. I’m looking at course material to see what I can do to promote that.

I’m hoping that these classes become rich and memorable (and informative).

Thus are the shiny new goals of the new school year.

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