Comfort Zone

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On my way out of my comfort zone

I have to come to realize that, if I am going to do my book justice, I am going to have to include a more explicit sex scene than I’m used to writing. And this is way out of my comfort zone.

Usually, I write on a two chili-pepper heat, according to this source. That means closed-door sex. But given the book I’m writing, which is a romance between a 40-something librarian and a prince of the fae. There’s going to be sex, especially as his lack of humanness is going to manifest as “live for today” and a certain amount of hedonism. Closed door will not work here.

Get over it.

I’m scared, because I’ve never written a sex scene before. And I want a sex scene that is neither “tab a into slot b” or over the top hilarious. Which is why I have always written closed door scenes. Now that I have to, I think I’m going to have to find that sex thesaurus someone recommended to me.

What I think I’m going to need to do is take myself seriously and be foolish at the same time. That’s the mood I want, a dalliance with lots of satisfaction; the feeling like it’s a one-night stand, and then — he’s back. And what will she do now?

So, time to get over the comfort zone and write.

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