Slow Down, Little Doggie

I feel like I’m going too fast

I have been working 8 hour days on my book marketing and writing from 6-3 (with time for lunch), taking occasional breaks to answer student emails. This is a lot of work, and I feel productive. But I realized yesterday that I am missing necessary steps in getting this novel self-published.

Photo by Josh Hild on

It’s had a dev edit and complete revision, but it needs:

  • Another pass with a fine tooth comb.
  • A reload into Atticus (or Scrivener depending on which version I edit)
  • If I like what I see there — beta readers. If not, return to step 1
  • ARC (advanced reader copy) readers
  • Finally, publishing.

Reining myself in

Obviously, I need to slow down, and my book won’t be out by July barring a miracle with readers. But at least the book will be good.

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