The Beginning of Summer

Or so I hope

Today the grades go in at 10 AM, but my grades are in already. It’s officially summer. Even though the high today is only 62. It’s not like I want weather in the 90s, but 70s at least. Jumping in a swimming pool without turning into a block of ice weather.

After what was the hardest school year of my life (other than the one where I ended up in the hospital I guess) I’m free. Interns are really schedulable.

What I wish for this summer:

  • A spa weekend at the Elms (scheduled for the end of the month)
  • Lots of productive writing
  • Afternoon naps (as needed)
  • Someone lending me a camper so I can do a writing retreat at Mozingo Lake (wishful thinking!)
  • Getting back into walking, a little at a time
  • Figuring out how to promote my writing.
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A wish to a goal

What I have to do now is turn my wishes to goals. I think the best thing to do is make them into goals, looking at whether I have the resources to fulfill them (goodbye camper; I don’t have the social capital to get that for free) I think I need to have some long-term goals to wrap the daily goals in. But right now I don’t feel much like that, because it’s my break and I really need to take that nap now.

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