Word Press Tricks?

Oh I have questions …

I haven’t been on WordPress very long, and WordPress is a very, very complex site. I like to play with the bells and whistles — but I don’t know them. Maybe it’s a matter of learning HTML, but I’m too old a dog to learn that trick, unless you have a quick way of teaching me. Maybe I haven’t found the right button.

I know about the context-sensitive menu on the right, and I know about the floating menu when I type, and I know about adding blocks, but a lot of the options I have trouble understanding. Here are my questions:

  1. How do I make a numerical list? Never mind; I found it. And I found strikethrough too.
  2. Can I do footnotes with numbers? Or do I have to fake it by superscripting in text and then at the end of the document in the descriptive part?
  3. How do I get a bigger caption size so I can describe a photo?
  4. How do I indent a block without using block quote?
  5. How do I get a photo to left-justify with wraparound? I don’t want all my photos to right-justify?
  6. What is the coolest or most useful “bells and whistles” you’ve found here?
  7. Why is the inline image below not letting me wrap text around it?

It’s your turn.

Readers — if you can answer the questions above, please let me know!

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