All dopey on pain meds

I’m going on my second week of pain meds after more brutal dental work. The meds don’t affect me much except for:

Photo by on
  • emotional lability — I feel weepy right now, and I’m sure I will be giggly later
  • sleepiness — I’m staring at my screen with my eyes half-closed
  • inability to type (or tipe or twpe as I’ve had to try three times to type that word)
  • babbling. Lots of babbling. So much babbling I wonder if I’m making sense.
  • decreased social filter — goes with the babbling. I try so hard to seem other than scatterbrained because I’m A Professional, but when taking pain meds I’m all “golly gosh shit shit shit” and I love it
  • shakiness

So definitely not ready for primetime. Good thing I’m working at home today. Hope you enjoyed this vicarious glimpse into my life while I’m still babbling.

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