The Meaning of This Website

This is not my official book/author website. That’s here and I haven’t done anything to it since the launch of The Kringle Conspiracy. I’m not promoting The Kringle Conspiracy right now because it’s past Christmas (is this the right thing to do?) My official website is where I’m a totally together person as a writer and I have no qualms about recommending my really great book.

This is my personal blog, and I suspect it’s more interesting to read. This is where I explore what it means to be a writer, the misgivings and triumphs. This is where I try to turn my life into essays as necessary practice for writing, and where I let you know who I am. This is where you find out that I’m jealous of my cat and that the day after Valentine’s Day is the real holiday.

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I believe that it’s good to see the human side of someone. In the age of COVID and the Internet, it seems the best way to get to know each other is in the written word. So I offer this website as a way to get to know one particular writer and fellow human being.

Thank you for reading.

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