Needing to Learn New Skills

I feel like I have the writing down: get an idea, write, revise for everything from grammar to readability to spelling to word choice, find a developmental editor, revise again.

What I need to learn is the promotional part. I’m learning bits and pieces. Where I am:

  • I have 4700 followers on Twitter
  • I have 215 followers on Instagram
  • I belong to a few writer’s groups on Facebook (all romance; I need to get into some fantasy groups)
  • I have written promotional materials for The Kringle Conspiracy (last Christmas’ romance)
  • I have explored Booksprout (for advance research copies), Goodreads (to get in contact with readers)
  • I have a decent bio on Kindle
  • I have this blog and another (

I just don’t seem to be getting much traction. For example,

  • I have 10 people following this blog, and one or two other readers (unless WordPress is missing more than a few people)
  • I have had few sales on The Kringle Conspiracy, and I won’t have more until next Christmas season
  • I don’t know how I should be proceeding.

There’s so much more to writing than writing. That’s the part that throws me. My skills are in writing; they’re sadly deficient in promotion. I also can’t afford to hire someone to promote me, nor do I think that’s a wise idea, because that’s giving up my persona to someone who doesn’t understand me or my work.

Woman with painted face, one side black and one white, smearing the black  into the white.
Photo by Dids on

So I still have a lot to learn.

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