National X Day

 Today is National Dark Chocolate Day. Oh no! I have no dark chocolate in the house! I must go out and buy some!

According to this article, all those “National X days” are created by industries in order for us to buy more. Which doesn’t explain National Cat Day because there isn’t a big rush to buy purebred cats on that day. (I am convinced that National Cat Day 
(October 29) was invented by cats to get more treats, though.) 

But do people actually go out and buy ice cream on National Ice Cream Day (July 18), or pickles on National Pickle Day (November 14), or avocados on National Avocado Day (July 31)? According to the above article, they do. 

(Right now, my cats are trying to convince me that National Cat Day is every day, and that International Cat Day (August 8) is also every day and they get double treats).

Every morning, my husband announces the National Day of the day, which is how I know that today is National Dark Chocolate Day (today). I don’t really care if I’m being sold to; I just have fun hearing how ludicrous some of the candidates can be. 

I’m not sure what behavior the keepers of the National Day Calendar are trying to support with National Grab Some Nuts Day (August 3), however.

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