Breathing Easier (Inaugural Edition)

 As dramatic and cliche as it sounds, I feel like I’ve awakened from a nightmare.

My vision seems clearer. My shoulders seem straighter and all I can do is marvel in the sense of relief I feel. I no longer feel like I’ve been marinated in hatred. I feel safe to cry.

And I’m white. I’m educated. I personally didn’t have as much to risk under Trump. I can try to imagine how black, Latino, LGBTQ people felt under Trump, but I suspect my imagination is rather inadequate. I suspect they don’t feel as sanguine as I do over this new president, because they’ve suffered from too many broken promises in this country. A cautious “wait and see”, perhaps.

Time will tell whether Biden is merely “Better than Trump” (a low bar to surpass) or a truly good president. But for now, I’ll breathe easier.

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