Complexities in my writing.

 I’m slowly getting through my work in progress. And I mean slowly.

Given it’s a revision from a previous version, I have pieces I can put in there and revise, but then there’s all the romance parts to put in and then there’s the flow and …

This book is less fun and more work. Just plain work.

I don’t understand why I keep putting it down. It seems like a simple story. It’s a love story of two people with unusual gifts and a destiny they’re not aware of. And an antagonist who seems like they’re involved in mundane affairs but is trying to keep them from their destiny. Ok, so maybe it’s not so simple. I think there are four or five plots running here:

  • Jeanne and Josh fall in love
  • Jeanne and Josh face their destiny despite obstacles:
    • Jeanne tries to get full professorship despite opposition
    • Jeanne and Josh explore Jeanne’s talent
    • Jeanne’s talent gets exposed at Barn Swallows’ Dance
    • Battle with opposition
  • Jeanne’s development
  • Josh’s development
Ok, The subplots make it difficult, but they’re needed because the situation changes from the first to the second half of the book. The

protagonists think everything will be okay once Jeanne gets full professorship, and then they find out that’s just the beginning. And they explore Jeanne’s talent, but they don’t discover the talent is the reason for the persecution until Barn Swallows’ Dance. All this for a romance novel. 

Yes, other than the Kringle novels, my writing is pretty complex. I forgot how complex.  AAArgh. 

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