Finding Josh

I’m finally making progress on Gaia’s Hands. I’m at the beginning where I’m supposed to show a glimpse of my protagonists’ lives, and I struggled to write the closeup on Josh, without which the book may well not exist.

I have a better feel of Josh now, finally. He’s quiet and serious with a droll sense of humor. He sees visions and keeps them to himself, because people would think he was crazy if he mentioned it. He’s very involved with his writing and his aikido, but there’s a loneliness about him. And then, in the next chapter he sees his former crush, a professor 20 years older than him, and has a vision about her. Everything turns upside down for him.

This is a romantic fantasy, and I need to be able to punch up the romance without losing the fantasy. This should be a challenge, and I hope I’m up to it.

I wish I had someone who could draw my characters for me. All the artistic people I know don’t do commissions. Oh, well, here’s hoping I learn how to visualize my characters. 

P.S.: Chloe’s upstairs in my room recovering from her spay surgery; she’s moving a bit gingerly, but she seems to have forgiven me. 

One thought on “Finding Josh

  1. Larissa Brown, the author of Beautiful Wreck, and So Wild a Dream (time travel romances you may enjoy) keeps a Pinterest board in which she sticks visuals and ideas for her novels-in-progress. You might find this method of visual digital storyboarding helpful to your process.


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