I guess I’m busy.

 I ordered eight paperback copies of The Kringle Conspiracy to sell after my book signing party requested copies. And do you know what? I lost the list! AAAAAAAGH someone threw out the piece of paper I’d written them on. I can’t believe it!

So now I’m asking my Facebook friends again who ordered copies. I think I’ve found most of them anyhow. Just missing two or three. 

I feel like such a flake sometimes! Maybe most of the time, but with all the stuff going on (teaching, grading, writing, rewriting, emotional meltdown over Trump’s scary refusal to concede the election.) maybe I can’t be blamed for being a bit flaky.

What is left to do before January 1st:

  • Grade Case Management final case files
  • Grade exams in Case Management and People Money and Psych (in a couple weeks)
  • Meet with classes Monday via Zoom
  • Edit (first round) Kringle in the Night
  • Set up my pitches for PitMad December 3
  • Narrate 8 presentations for Personal Adjustment (i.e. Positive Psychology)
  • Finish setting up Personal Adjustment, Case Management, and People Money and Psych for spring classes
  • Get those books out
  • Rest (I don’t do that very well)
I guess I am busy. Busy is not necessarily a good thing if it stands in the way of accomplishment. Perhaps I need to learn to do things more efficiently. If I had time, I’d study that.

But today is Sunday, and I’ve finished grading a major assignment. Now to edit another chapter of Kringle. Ahh…

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