COVID Thanksgiving and other plans

Before COVID, we had plans for Thanksgiving. We had reserved a room at the Southmoreland on the Plaza in Kansas City, and we were going to brave the crowds to watch the Plaza Lighting Ceremony . We were going to window shop the Plaza for Black Friday and soak up the holiday atmosphere. (We live hours from our families and we get very little time off at Thanksgiving.)

And then COVID came.

Our Thanksgiving this year will be at home, where we are cooking an India-inspired Thanksgiving meal of tandoori turkey breast, mixed greens, sweet-potato and lentil dal, raita, chutneys and naan. And our local baker’s macarons for dessert, which are not Indian, but will have to do. 

We’ll put up our Christmas decorations on Black Friday and start through our list of Christmas season videos (we have about 10 or 12 to view over the weeks). We will get quality time with our four cats. I will not be grading homework till maybe Sunday. 

Maybe I need this this year. It’s been a year where my life’s been turned upside down by COVID, where I’ve had at least two mini-breakdowns to work through between COVID fears and post-election fears (and I didn’t miss a lick of work from them), where my retirement goals were put into turmoil by a change in university policy with health insurance. 

 Philosophically, maybe this is the year I need a break for Thanksgiving. Even though it’s just three more days of isolation (given the current COVID rates in Missouri, this is a good thing) it’s three days of festive and restful isolation to ready me for the last weeks of the semester.

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