Where did the time go?


“Your book goes live Sunday! Aren’t you excited?”

Gah. I haven’t had time to be excited. It’s been one of my busier weeks, with interns meeting with me, exams to grade, a class website to experiment with …

I have so much to do!

I need to put together the party this afternoon or tomorrow! It shouldn’t be too hard; it’s an online party, I don’t have to supply food, just things to do. 

I have an online wedding and a Halloween outing to the Board Game Cafe in costume tomorrow. (No, I’m not going to do the costume at the wedding!) 

I need to write my first 2000 words on Sunday. Before the book-signing party? After? Both? I need coffee! At least I’ll have another hour to do so with Daylight Savings Time ending. 

I need to just take a deep breath and do things one at a time. I have the time I need.

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