An Uptick in the Numbers

 My corner of Missouri seen a big uptick in cases of COVID over the last few days — yesterday’s news from the Health Department showed 49 new cases overnight, and 180 current cases. If that doesn’t seem like a big number, the population of the whole of Nodaway County is 22,092 people. We’ve had 1101 cases so far since the pandemic started, which comes up to 5% of the county. 

There’s nothing unusual about those statistics; cases are spiking across the US, and the US is doing nothing to contain the spread. Some people tout “herd immunity”, but there is no way to reach that without a vaccine or without 2% of those getting COVID dying. 2% doesn’t sound big, but the 228,000k that have already died sounds like a more alarming statistic.

There’s part of me that understands giving up and going back to that unfettered life, life without a mask and with restaurants and vacations, given that the statistics are so bad. But then I think of my age, which is almost old enough to put me at high risk. I think of my husband, who is in a high-risk group. Most of all, I think of how many people I could infect without a mask, without ever knowing I’m contagious. 

Life is not as usual, and it won’t be for a long time. Every time I think I have adjusted, I am reminded that I need so much more patience. 

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