Same of a Sameness

The problem with acting wisely during COVID is that every day seems the same. All the classes run into each other; all the meetings are on Zoom, restaurants are unsafe; social gatherings are too risky. It’s better than the alternative, of course, which is getting COVID and risking one’s health or life.

I’m old enough and fat enough that I risk my health with exposure, so it’s not just a matter of “catch COVID and get it over with.” My husband is high risk because of a preexisting condition, and I really don’t want to give it to him. I don’t want to give it to everyone else, either. 

Some things help. Good coffee, music on the stereo, candles, paying attention to the weather outside, our faux fireplace. A comfortable work station in the living room. Scented candles. 

I will make the best of this.


Another bald self-promotional opportunity here — The Kringle Conspiracy is live in paperback; if you want Kindle versions you can pre-order.

Toymaker Kris Kriegel has fallen for professor Marcia Wendt, but he’s afraid of getting too close because he has a secret. Marcia thinks she’s found the one, but Kris’s secret has left her mistrustful. The two must work through trust issues and honesty and through this, they will discover The Kringle Conspiracy.

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