Live Under COVID Six Months In

 Life under COVID six months in:

  • I never forget my mask anymore. I have a selection of several masks, actually, including the Northwest Missouri State University mask I wear below. 
  • My weekly restaurant date with Richard (my husband) is no longer, because restaurants are rife with COVID and are a major contagion source. We do take carryout.
  • I can now teach live and on Zoom at the same time. I hate it. I can’t move out of the sight of the camera and all the Zoomies see is my head. 
  • I dream of the Grotto at The Elms, a cabin at Mozingo, a celebratory dinner at Bluestem. An orchestra, shopping in Macy’s in Chicago, Christmas at Starved Rock, an Amtrak train across the country. What I have is a predictable path from my house to the university and back, with an occasional stop at the cafe. 
  • I curse our leadership for letting COVID get this entrenched in the country. Countries with early quarantine, frequent testing, and well-equipped hospitals have gotten back to a near-normal. 
  • At least I haven’t gotten COVID. I attribute this to the strong controls my county and my university have — masks in public, contract tracing, disinfecting surfaces, office hours by appointment only and socially distanced. 

  • I know I will celebrate when the virus is taken down. I will go on that writers’ retreat and eat in that fancy restaurant to celebrate my novel. I’m holding on till then. 

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