Odds and Ends

So, I spent a busy weekend getting writing things done. Finalizing my Pitch Wars packet, writing a piece of flash fiction for a contest, writing a little on a short story.  And then last night, the silly little Chloe woke me up in the middle of the night licking my nose. Slurpslurpslurpslurpslurpslurp.

Morning comes, and I feel absolutely tuckered today, but it is Monday and time to go to work. I hope the coffee gets here soon. I really don’t know how to function without it today. 

Coffee is with me now. Brazilian coffee, deep and chocolatey. I think I’ll live. 


I’m pretty much ready to submit the book to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) except for one thing — I don’t want it posted to Kindle right away. The official book drop is November 1st, just in time for the Christmas season. I don’t want it posted before then. I should ask KDP if they can hold off on posting the electronic copy before Nov. 1st. Otherwise, the timing is all nervewracking — I know it will take a couple days for them to process it, but if things go wrong it might take more. How will I time that to get the book out of the 1st?  A frustrating conundrum.

I should put some well-thought-out emails today to the KDP people.

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