COVID check

How is everyone doing? I’m thinking of COVID again after six months of wearing masks and socially isolating, and just wondered how everyone was doing. 

I’m not doing bad. I’m back to not going to the coffeehouse again because restaurants and other food establishments are the worst places if you want to avoid COVID. So my social life has been greatly cut back again. I’m getting a lot done. I’m getting the hang of teaching live while using Zoom. It’s not easy, but I’m feeling accomplished again.

If there’s one thing I’m still missing, it’s a writing retreat. I really need a change of scenery, especially since the cafe is off line. But I am restricted from retreats for the same reason I’m restricted from the cafe — too many people. Too many particles. 

I think some things are changing in my life. I’m talking to more people on social media. I’m getting used to not eating at restaurants. I’m dependent on mail order. I’m appreciating what I’ve lost.

I’d like my life to go back to normal. I would like to be mobile again. I would like to go to restaurants and hug people and have a writers retreat and not wear a mask. But for now, I’m doing okay.

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