Class, COVID, and time

 I’m finding it hard to find time to write lately. Teaching in COVID-19 is hard work. My average class is taught live, recorded on ZOOM, and taped for further reference. This way, if a student is well, they attend. If a student is quarantined or isolated, they join a Zoom session. If they’re really sick, they watch the recorded version later.

It’s hard to manage. I’m still having technical difficulties three days later. I hope the students are forgiving, because I’m doing the best I can. One class I have enough distancing that I’m probably safe with a face shield; the other class is impossible to get distancing in, so we’re doing our best to listen.

One of the hardest adjustments for me is to trivial I don’t even want to mention it. But I will: I can’t stand not wearing lipstick. It rubs off on masks, no matter what type I try. When I take my mask off, I feel naked. I am convinced my lips are the best part of my face, and they’re — not there. 

Still trying to solve that trivial problem.


 We officially have 52 students out with COVID; not sure who’s just quarantined to help stop the spread. This is less than I expected the first week.

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