The COVID teaching year


And now it begins … fall semester under COVID.

I have two meetings today, one over ZOOM and the other socially distanced.  I’ll have one more socially distanced meeting on Monday, and then classes (my new hybrid method) will start next Wednesday.

 I don’t know if I’m ready for this. I will make sure I mask well and use my ethyl alcohol spray and wipe down the tables and meet students over ZOOM unless and until my students all get sick.

I’m usually excited about the beginning of the school year, but there doesn’t seem like there’s much to get excited about. Apprehensive is the better adjective. 

I need to make new rituals to replace the anchoring of the new school year. I didn’t know how much I needed them until they were gone. The beginning of the year picnic, gathering for refreshments before the big meeting, Convocation. The new wardrobe. 

What shall I do? Break in the video camera and microphone? Bring in a stuffed toy? (No, my colleagues won’t take that well) Wear my Bub mask? YES! 

 If I can keep my sense of humor, I think I’ll get through this.

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