I got my computer back!



 Finally got my computer replaced.

I updated the system and it didn’t break. 

All my programs work.

I guess miracles do happen 😛


My preferred computer is a Microsoft Surface Book because it can go with me pretty much anywhere, and it has a hard keyboard (as opposed to the Surface Pro, which doesn’t work well on one’s lap). 

I have a computer I used when mine was in the shop, and it’s a monster of a Dell gaming machine. It’s impossible to carry around, and there’s a glitch in the sound now for no apparent reason. I got it for graphics, which I explore at times; ironically the new Surface Book for Business with its small form factor outperforms the behemoth in graphics. So all I need is about $2k to upgrade for both. No problem, right? (HA!)

I have my favorite computer back, and it’s good enough. Plenty good enough!

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