Musings about my social media

 My schedule is going to change drastically this week. Wednesday I start early walking (5:45) to start toward losing some of this COVID weight, and Friday is when I set foot on campus for the first time since March. 

This means I will not be writing this blog in the mornings; yet, morning is the best time to capture readers. I have decided that I will write in the afternoon or evening and post my links (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) the next morning using Hootsuite. 

Speaking of, do I have any readers out there who have better luck with social media than I do? On one hand, I have 4400 followers on Twitter. On the other hand, I have about 25 readers a day on this blog. What do I need to be doing with this blog?

Oh, yes, apropos of nothing, here is the latest picture of Chloe:

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