Wish List

I’ve been writing too much about kittens. And COVID. And quarantine. That’s probably been because that’s been my life, in a summer bereft of traveling, going out for coffee, and …

Today, I’m putting my wish list out here for the universe to peruse:

  • A spa day at The Elms where I can spend all day in the Grotto running between the steam room, the sauna, and cold showers. Lounge on one of their beach chairs with a cool, minty fresh washcloth.
  • Getting motivated with my writing.
  • Getting my nails done. I have managed to grow them out and not bite them, and I want fancy color.
  • A trip to Champaign-Urbana to visit my friends. I know they’re COVID-negative but I don’t know if I will be after the 19th.
  • At least one of my novels (there’s currently three full ones plus the one or two I have to seriously edit) getting published by traditional press. 
  • Initiative to get back on a diet
  • Getting one of my short pieces (poetry, fiction, flash fiction) published by a journal
  • Getting my Surface Book replaced (this will happen soon)
I think that’s enough for now.

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