Feeling young today

Sometimes, I feel really, really old.

Today, I feel younger than my 56 years of age.

I don’t know why — it’s not that I feel young. I just don’t feel like someone inching toward “senior citizen”. 

I wonder if there’s something more energetic to listen to than classical music (Mahler) on this Sunday morning. Have I been missing something by not listening to Lana Del Rey? Lady Gaga? (I don’t feel like I’ve been missing anything with Ed Sheeran.) 

I wonder if there’s a new hobby I could take up, as if writing isn’t enough. Or someplace to go (during COVID, this is a tall order.) 

I suppose if I want to feel every minute of my age, I could just take a walk in this 100+ degree heat index. That would make me feel about 120, I suspect.

So maybe I’m not that young. But I refuse to think I’m old.

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