Fighting a little downer

I have time to write now. The class edits I had to make to get my class ready for the semester are done. I’ve finished my summer class.

I think, however, I’m getting depressed.

It is a depressing time. No getting out and doing a writing retreat or going to a concert. Worrying about going back to school in the fall. Constant worry, with a lot of subconscious attempts to reassure. Most people don’t die, I tell myself. 

What are my options?
1) I need to take time to quit thinking about school. It’s three weeks till classes start.
2) I need to write. Even if it’s taking a short story prompt and working through it. 
3) I need to get outside, even if it’s just sitting on the porch swing.
4) I need to play with my little gremlin — er, kitten. She’s playing parkour off every surface in my room — including me.
5) More Poirot in the evenings — we’re only on season 4.
6) Coffee. Coffee reduces depression.

But I need to write. 

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