Setting up for Fall semester

Today I have to start setting up for fall semester. I don’t normally do this till about the first of August, but I have to record some lectures because the students are only coming into the classroom one day a week (1/3 of the classroom each class day.)

Instructions for the classroom look like this:

  • Be prepared for the class to go online at any time in case too many of your students (or you) are quarantined. 
  • All students and faculty will wear masks if students are less than six feet apart. *note: I’m making them wear masks even if they are six feet apart, because the rows are stacked on each other.
  • We will have seating charts for contract tracing
  • No handouts/papers because of potential contamination
  • Classrooms will be deep sanitized every night
  • Faculty/students will sanitize rooms between classes
  • No more than one student in the office at one time/appointments required/Zoom preferred
There’s probably more here, but this is what I got out of the email from my department head. I don’t like the idea of going back into the classroom, but I’ll prepare for all possibilities. We shall see.

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