Need some Inspiration

One of the problems with COVID-19 is the lack of inspiration. I am having trouble writing because there’s no break in the scenery. I could sit outside and write, but my more portable laptop currently has the problem of not working (and I can’t get it fixed because of COVID). 

I’ve been out three times since the stay-at-home order came out. I’m getting pretty tired of my living room. I’d love a cabin retreat somewhere, but our local cabins are perpetually full, probably from people in the same predicament as I’m in. 

The Game Cafe is open next week, and I’m contemplating going there to write with my mask and my hand sanitizer. I’m still scared about COVID, of course, but I’m so tired of my living room.

(I have been writing this with my “broken computer”, which was suffering from a missing cursor. It just updated — so far, so good. Let me see how this works out — oops, there it goes)

So I need to think about workarounds. How do I get motivated? How do I find new scenery? What is it I need to be doing right now? 

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