Where did my romantic self go?

I’m still struggling with Jeanne and Josh and the whole concept of a romance.

I don’t know why. I know Jeanne and Josh fall in love and get married, because they’re married in a later book. I know they end up tumbling in bed eventually, and then Jeanne gets freaked out about the mystical things they’re doing and breaks up with him. Then they get back together and perform a miracle. I know this. 

But I can’t make it coherent. Furthermore, I am having trouble writing the romantic subtext. When do they start getting affectionate with each other? How do they tumble each other into bed? 

I must be getting old, because I used to be able to write this, no problem. But now I’m having trouble with mechanics. Not “tab a, slot b” stuff, but “How does this progress? How do people actually communicate about the sex?” I doubt it’s as easy as “Let’s have sex”, although I believe that’s how my husband and I did it. This is a romance novel (theoretically) and I want to make it romantic in an understated and modern manner. 

Maybe I need to get a better feel for Josh and Jeanne again. I’ve devoted this morning to trying to write a romantic scene with the two.

Wish me luck.

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