I am re-editing Prodigies again, this time for character development of the secondary characters. This whole discovery process has been humbling. I am hoping that, when I tear everything down like this, that what’s left of my work is worth publishing.

That’s the thing — I don’t mind being wrong. I don’t mind not doing things right — who am I fooling? I hate making mistakes and I grovel to the universe every time I do it. But I’m seeing new things every time I do, and I’m fixing new things. (And I have other novels that need the same treatment, damn it). 

Maybe this note is my groveling to the universe. Dear Universe, I’m sorry I made you read my mediocre books. I’m sorry I thought I was a big thing when I was making big mistakes. I’m sorry I ever thought I didn’t need dev editors and beta readers. I am making amends, and I hope they’re good enough.

Now I need to go and write.

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