The Superbowl (Personal)

It’s that time of year again, when half the United States watches an ancient ritual, where two bands of people battle it out for the favor of a grateful country. Yes, it’s the Superbowl.

American football holds a disproportionate role in American mythology. It even has a holiday — Superbowl Sunday, the purpose of which is to eat junk food and watch the game. 

And watch millions upon millions of dollars worth of commercials. People in the US actually rate the commercials and talk about them for days. I used to use Superbowl commercials in a consumer economics class to teach advertising techniques.

Personally, if I had TV, I’d be watching the Kitten Bowl instead. It’s a painfully cute vision of adoptable kittens frolicking on a gridiron carpet. Less carnage, less change of long-term brain injury, and — well, kittens. 

I will, however, watch the Superbowl (it’s streaming online) because I live 90 miles from Kansas City, and the Chiefs are in the game for the first time in 50 years. I will don the catsup and mustard colors of the hometown team and eat guacamole and chips and rate the commercials. 

Happy Superbowl Day

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