Frivolous Questions about Agents and Publishers No One Will Ask (Personal)

NOTE: I have not found the publisher or agent yet. I’m just daydreaming.
ALSO NOTE: I would never wear the heels pictured above.

I daydream about the two outcomes I’d really like to see in my novel-writing: finding an agent and getting published. And like any pragmatic (and neurotic) person, I have questions:

I Have Important Questions!
1) Do you actually meet in person with your agent? Do you have to fly there or will they visit you on your turf? (A working lunch in New York City sounds better than one at the local steakhouse, but that’s just me.) Who pays for the plane ticket? Can my husband come with me?

2) What do you wear to meet your agent? Do you dress for business? Business casual? Eccentric writer? Should I get my nails done in a French manicure or go for the power red?

3) Same questions as 1) and 2) but for a publisher. 

4) I know the part where you run contracts past an entertainment lawyer. But how can you tell an entertainment lawyer’s good at what they do? (There’s one in my area, so I hope he’s good).

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