Putting Together my Writing Platform (Social Media for Writers)

Learning something new
I have been reading through Robert Brewer’s Guide to Literary Agents 2020 (publication date 2019), and I discovered a treasure trove of information on building one’s writing platform.

What’s a writing platform?
According to Writers’ Digest, a writing platform represents a writer’s visibility through their identity, their personal and professional connections, and social media (Carpenter, 2012). 

I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know what a writing’ platform was when I was asked by a hybrid (traditional with self-publishing elements) publisher what my platform was. I didn’t get the contract there. 

Thirty Days to a Writers’ Platform
Brewer’s book contains a thirty-day path to your platform, I have to admit I’ve done the beginning steps already not knowing they were part of a platform. My blog, my author account on Twitter. But now I’m stepping it up. 

More about this as I get more established.

Brewer, R. (2019). Guide to Literary Agents 2020. Penguin Random House. 

Carpenter, C. (2012). The Basics of Building a Writer’s Platform. Available: https://www.writersdigest.com/writing-articles/by-writing-goal/build-a-platform-start-blogging/building-a-writers-platform [January 5, 2020).

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