PS: My reaction to this new blogging style

How’s that new blogging style going for me?

In this new blogging style I’m working with (outlined in this post), I’m finding pluses and minuses that I want to talk about. 

  • The short sentences/headings/short paragraph form is familiar to me, because it’s close to academic style writing. I could even improve my academic style game with subheadings and APA style, but that might be too much for a blog.
  • This format is probably the easiest and best for followers to read. People don’t have long attention spans on the Internet.
In other words, this is how I should be writing for the blog, according to the source I read.

  • This method forces my writing into a factual format rather than a creative one.
  • I don’t know how a more creative essay could be done in this fashion, because it wouldn’t be an essay.
  • Do people actually read my lyrical/essay posts??  
  • Does the headings/short sentences format increase my readers?
  • Is there a possibility of including both types of entries (creative and factual) as blog posts?

Readers, please let me know your take on this. Use the Comment button to reply!

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