Pandora’s FedEx Package

I have a mystery box coming to me.

I found this out via a text from FedEx. One package to arrive on this Thursday before 5 PM.  I love packages!

The problem is that I have no pending merchandise orders from anywhere. My husband doesn’t have any pending orders from anywhere. And, as far as I know, the cats don’t have any pending orders from anywhere.

In examining the FedEx text, I can discern the following: The package originated in Berlin, CT. The shipping path began in Northborough, MA. The package’s dimensions are 20x12x4, and it weighs 4.2 lbs. It has been in package jail in Odessa, MO for two days.

What can I deduce? I’m failing. My fantasy life has many guesses: 

  • A present from family? (From Berlin, CT? I have no family there.) 
  • A marked-up copy of my novel with a book offer? (I’m pretty much sure that’s not how it’s done.) 
  • A package bomb? (By FedEx? Highly unlikely). 
  • A sweepstakes prize? (“Here’s a grocery sack with our logo!”)
  • An inheritance from a long-lost relative? (“Here’s a grocery sack with a logo!)
I will know soon. It will likely be something I ordered six months ago that I can’t remember. But I can dream, can’t I?

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