Fangirling over TwoSet Violin

Ok. I’m fangirling over TwoSet Violin.

For the people who don’t know, TwoSet Violin is a darling pair of twenty-somethings classically trained in violin, who demystify violin for a non-technical audience (of which I’m one) and entertain in a thoroughly modern zaniness.

They (Brett Yang and Eddie Chen) post videos on YouTube where they highlight virtuoso violinists, roast obviously fake movie footage, throw jokes around about practicing and overly strict Asian moms, explain musical memes, and serenade unappreciative kangaroos. 

Their videos are like potato chips — once you’ve had a handful, you crave more of them. Eddy plays straight man to Brett’s mobile expressions and fidgety energy. Their narration is augmented with popular culture in the form of video game noises, memes, and captions. 

In a perfect world, I would get to meet the two of them, just to say hi. But that’s what all the fangirls, even the ones thirty years older, say.

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