Sleepy Sunday — and boy, do I need it! I spent the better part of the week running from here to there, with a long train ride taking longer than expected, no time to compress before the semester started, and with two computers (home and work) to be repaired, I got through that admirably.

As I sit here in front of my new computer with horribly coffee that we ourselves did not roast, I think the secret to my calm about writing lately has three sources:

  • Living as if I’ve already been published (which I have, if you include short stories and flash fiction;
  • Making sure I have a lot (queries, submissions and the like) out there;
  • Not writing novels for a while (although I’m sending one to dev edit soon, the last of my backlog) and sticking with shorter writing.

Driving myself, I’ve noticed, doesn’t get me any closer to success, but it does make me grumpy. But at the same time, I can’t let it go completely.

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